Justin Timberlake Headed to the UAE?

Justin Timberlake Headed to the UAE?

08 Jan 2014

Rumours that Justin Timberlake is coming to the UAE gather pace, with announcement due tomorrow!

Looks like JT could be Bringing Sexy Back to the UAE! After yesterday's online teaser featuring the hashtag #JTUAE, as well as the date January 9, 2014, appeared online, a local PR company has said an announcement is due at 8am tomorrow!

We'll just Cry Me a River if he doesn't come now!

On 7 January, a video apparently appeared online showing #JTUAE over a figure. It also contained the date 09.01.2014. Fans took to Twitter to express their excitement, however the video now apears to have disappeared. 

JT has not been to the UAE since 2007, when he played at Emirates Palace. Stay tuned to Ahlanlive.com for all the news!