Justin Runs For His Life!

Bieber forced to run for safety from fans
Sunday , 31 July 2011
Justin Runs For His Life!
Justin makes a dash from fans

Teen pop sensation
Justin Bieber was left running in fear last week after a visit to a pop concert
got out of control with seemingly crazed fans making a run for him, getting
far too close for comfort.  

The 17-year-old,
escorted by his burly bodyguards, was forced to make a mad dash to safety when
he was spotted, and chased, by a sea of fans after he made a surprise visit to
see his 19-year-old girlfriend, Selena Gomez, headline a show in Mizner Park Ampitheater, Florida.

Determined to support Selena without being under the glare of the
showbiz spotlight, Justin is said to have lied to his fans before the show, Tweeting,
“Good to be back in Canada”. He hoped the red-herring would allow him to attend
the gig incognito. Yet, his plans failed after he was caught sneakily leaving
through the backstage door and consequently chased by hordes of fans.

An eyewitness
claimed the crowds were so frenzied “a riot was narrowly avoided”!