Justin The Punk’D Prankster

Ashton Kutcher handed the role over to the singer. Watch out!
Justin The Punk’D Prankster

Justin Bieber has taken over Ashton Kutcher's prankster role in a revamped version of TV show Punk'D, targeting Taylor Swift in the first episode.

Ashton revealed earlier this year that teaming up with the Baby hitmaker to relaunch the MTV series - in which the actor played practical jokes on unsuspecting stars - was a “possibility”.

And the series kicked off in Los Angeles on Friday (26 August), with Justin Bieber acting as the first celebrity trickster, filming a joke on his pal Swift, according to Access Hollywood.

No details of the prank have been revealed, but the website reports Ashton will serve as the series creator, while different stars will take turns to host and play pranks on other celebrities in each episode.