Justin Bieber's Still A Traffic Stopper

24 Nov 2011
By Ahlanlive.com

He's got his fans firmly behind him as he rubbishes Mariah Yeater's claims

The baby daddy accusations are a thing of the past, and Justin
Bieber is back to doing what he’s best at – driving his fans into a frenzy! The
teenage superstar was in New York on 23 November 2011, performing with his
mentor, R&B superstar Usher, and he brought traffic to a standstill around
Rockefeller Plaza. Police actually closed off roads as the crowds grew – all to
catch a glimpse of Bieber!

Justin and Usher rocked their special TV performance for the
breakfast show Today with Never Say Never, and the Beliebers just couldn’t get

The singing sensation returned the love, saying "These
girls have dedication that I've never seen before, more than anybody, so they
really inspire me. It's powerful to think that someone and so many people can
love you so much, I just feel so loved."

Justin definitely wasn’t feeling love for the woman who accused
him of fathering her child. He said on The Late Show With David Letterman about
Mariah Yeater, who claimed he impregnated her during a backstage romp at one of
his concerts in 2010, "I could smell a weasel. It's gonna happen. Being in
the spotlight, people can say whatever."  

He also opened up on the show The View about why he took
a DNA test on 18 November to prove Yeater wrong, "I didn't have to do it
(DNA test), I did it because I wanted to, I just wanted everything to be out in
the open and be like, 'Listen, there's no reason for this to even be a
discussion'. It shouldn't even be a discussion. If I have to take it, if I
don't have to take it, I'm gonna take it just because, it just made sense.

"I don't even know if she's gonna take it or not, I
don't even know... I'm not even paying attention (to the rumours). I think
we're bring too much attention to this girl who just wanted, you know, (fame).

Yeater had told
reporters that she had evidence proving Bieber was the father of her baby son Tristyn,
but she withdrew her legal demand for a paternity test and child support last
week (13 November) after JB’s reps denied her allegations and threatened to


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