Justin Bieber's fan backlash

Find out why the Biebs' fans have turned on him...
ByJJ AnisiobiThursday , 03 September 2015
Justin Bieber's fan backlash
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Justin Bieber is a very busy pop star with a full on schedule that takes him around the world. But when the news broke that his biggest fan had tragically passed away we expected the Biebs to at least send out a poignant tweet, but alas there was nothing.

Justin’s No1 Fan Dies
Reality TV star Toby Sheldon, aka Tobias Strebel, died aged 35 and his body was discovered in a San Fernando Valley, California motel on 21 August, according to TMZ.com – three days after he was reported missing. The budding singer was obsessed with Justin Bieber and shot to fame after spending $100,000 (Dhs566,416) on cosmetic surgery so he could look more like the Beauty and a Beat singer. Local law enforcement sources claimed that police found illegal substances in his motel room, but it’s still not clear how he died, but early reports suggest his disappearance may have been triggered by a break-up with his partner.

Bad Breakups & Heartbreak
Sadly, though, Justin has not acknowledged the passing of Toby and has instead continued focusing on the release of his latest single What do You Mean? by getting his celeb friends to promote it via social media. Meanwhile, friends of the Botched and My Strange Addiction star have shed more light about his passing. “He was always very happy, always smiling,” a friend of Toby’s revealed to HollywoodLife.com. “But he just went through a really bad breakup about a week ago and he was devastated over it. Toby kept a lot of things secret from his friends and family, so hearing about this heart-breaking split was surprising. It’s so sad that he wasn’t able to find closure over his broken heart before he died.”

Bieber Ridicules Belieber                 
Justin may have ignored the sad news of Toby, but he put the spotlight on another one of his fans by ridiculing their drawing of him. Bieber was called “rude” and “inconsiderate” by some of his followers after he posted a hand-drawn portrait that was supposed to look like him. In fairness the picture is pretty poor, but that doesn’t excuse Justin’s caption which read: “Funniest thing I’ve ever seen.” The comment generated over 40,000 reactions with one person writing: “This is rude and you should probably delete it before it blows up.” Another wrote: “Shame on you Justin Bieber. She didn’t draw this as a joke!” We think Biebs should remember that it’s thanks to his fans that he has a career at all.


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