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Justin Bieber's Driving Triggered Fight with Neighbour

27 Mar 2013
By Ahlanlive.com

Could it be true? Insiders claim Justin Bieber's "unbelievably reckless" driving led to the row with his neighbour

Justin Bieber's "unbelievably reckless" driving triggered a row with a neighbour.

The 19-year-old singer is being investigated for battery following an altercation on his property in California, and despite claims from the Beauty and a Beat hitmaker's security staff that the disagreement stemmed from objections to parties thrown at the house while Justin was performing in Europe, insiders say that wasn't the problem.

According to TMZ, the man who confronted Justin told Sheriff's deputies the singer was driving at around 100mph through the neighbourhood in his Ferrari.

And the unnamed man - whose hobby is racing cars - was particularly upset because at the time, just before 9am, his wife was walking the dog and Justin's "unbelievably reckless" driving put local pets and children home for spring break at risk.

The alleged victim - who is 5ft 7in and weighs 135 lbs - insists the partying at Justin's house was "no big deal" and didn't upset him, and admitted he was "smoking hot" when he went to reprimand his famous neighbour.

His story is said to be backed by "multiple neighbours".

Sources close to Justin's security team have claimed that the neighbour came to his house and started screaming at him, complaining that his friends threw wild parties at the house while Justin was on tour.

The singer told the neighbour to get off his property but did not have any physical contact with him, according to insiders, who claim he was escorted off Justin's land by his security team while the singer went back inside.

The incident is still being investigated.

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