Justin Bieber's Bodyguard Insulted Dubai Cop

Justin Bieber's bodyguard was almost thrown in prison after he misbehaved with a police officer at Biebs' second concert in Dubai!
Justin Bieber's Bodyguard Insulted Dubai Cop
Justin Bieber

As if Justin Bieber's speeding tickets in Dubai weren't enough, the pop star's bodyguard insulted a police officer in the city too!

A team of security guys had to jump to Bieb's aid to flatten a fan who grabbed him on stage last Sunday night (5 May).

During the scuffle, one of his minders aimed a rude comment at a member of Dubai's Police's VIP protection squad and after taking offence, the officer reported the incident to his bosses and the bodyguard was summoned to the station to answer questions.

The unnamed man was facing three years in jail for his behaviour but after realising the consequences of his actions, he apologised, Justin said sorry for what had happened and the officer withdrew his complaint.

A police spokesman said: "Our officer didn't reply at the time of the offence but made a complaint at the police station. We asked the bodyguard to come in and he seriously apologised for his behaviour and expressed his regret for what happened, claiming he was under pressure due to the concert."

"The policeman accepted and waived the complaint. Bieber also expressed his appreciation for the policeman's behaviour, who acted in a civilised way even though the guard insulted the officer verbally."

Good on you, Biebs! Now if you'd only remembered to be on the right side of the law while driving in the city too...