Justin Bieber's Cool Bad Boy Antics Continue

Justin missed a court appearance in Canada to play basketball
ByJJ AnisiobiTuesday , 11 March 2014
Justin Bieber's Cool Bad Boy Antics Continue
Naughty boy: Justin Bieber is increasing his street-cred with his bad attitude

Justin Bieber's bad boy streak continued this week when he skipped a court appearance in Toronto, Canada on Monday to play basketball with students at the University of Texas – and yet his popularity is growing.

The Baby hitmaker flew to Texas to spend some quality time with his on/off girlfriend Selena Gomez and he headed to the city of Austin over the weekend to stage a surprise performance at the South by Southwest festival.

Bieber decided to stick around on Monday and test out his ball skills with student athletes at the university's gym. He showed off his talents by sharing an Instagram.com video of him outmanoeuvring his manager, Scooter Braun, to score a basket, alongside the caption, "Don't trip Scoot", while his representative got his own back by uploading another clip showing the youngster falling to the ground as he scored a slam dunk.

Braun further poked fun at the 20-year-old by posting a photo of himself and the school team, with Bieber stuffed into the basketball hoop above them. That photo was captioned, "Great day hoopin. Thanks to #texasbasketball... for hooking it up".

The workout session took place on the same day Bieber's alleged assault on a limo driver is due to return to court in Toronto. His lawyer, Seth Weinstein, is expected to answer the allegations on his client's behalf.

Video footage of Justin was recently leaked showing him giving serious attitude at a formal hearing regarding a lawsuit which claims he instructed his bodyguards to confront a photographer who was then assaulted.

Instead of taking the allegations seriously, Justin was said to be rude and arrogant towards the paparazzo's lawyer, winking at the camera recording the deposition he even pretended to fall asleep. However, his latest actions have seen a sudden surge in his Twitter following with a number of men defending him on the social network.

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