Justin Bieber's Abs Flash Causes Mayhem in London

25 Apr 2012
By Ahlanlive.com

The fan hysteria continues on Justin Bieber's UK visit

There's just no stopping those screaming girls when they
spot Justin Bieber! And if he flashes his abs, well, that's just going to get
the decibel levels reach earth-shattering levels. So imagine the scenes in
London when Biebs gave fans outside his hotel a glimpse of his bod.

Things have been crazy ever since the Baby hitmaker landed
at London's Heathrow Airport on 23 April and was met by dozens of hysterical
teenage girls. Due to a lack of security, the crowd got out of hand, and the
pop star was forced to dash towards the exit - knocking into a bystander who
was trying to take his picture.

The chaos continued when Justin was preparing to leave his
posh hotel in the city on 24 April after he sent his female fans wild by
showing off his abs through a window. Groups of girls even scrambled up the hotel's
brickwork to get a better look. That's the Justin effect!