Justin Bieber Was Bullied!

12 Apr 2012
By Ahlanlive.com

Prince of pop Justin Bieber reveals his childhood wasn't so happy

Justin Bieber may have millions of friends now but he wasn't always so popular. The teenage singer has admitted that he was bullied in school before becoming famous, "I was bullied. Most people in their lifetime have been bullied at some point. I think that it's about time that people start making a change," he told Showbiz Tonight.

Justin has lent his single Born to Be Somebody to a documentary on school bullying and hopes the movie will draw attention to the problem. "A lot of the time, principals let it go, or teachers let it go, or other students just let it go, but I think this movie's really powerful and can help change a lot of lives."

He even had some words of wisdom, "If you're a bystander, too, tell somebody - because a lot of times, it's just not spoken of, and you ended up - you end up keeping it all inside, and then it just hurts even more."

Go Biebs!