Justin Bieber Storms Off Stage

The singer has lost his mind... again
Sunday , 01 November 2015
Justin Bieber Storms Off Stage
Mad Man: Justin Bieber went crazy at his fans

Justin Bieber stormed offstage during a TV gig in Norway on Thursday night after eager fans prevented him from mopping up a spill.

The pop star was performing in Oslo when he noticed the liquid, believed to be a devotee's drink, and stopped the show to mop it up with a towel.

As someone attempted to grab him as he bent down at the front of the stage, Bieber said: "What are you doing? Stop it. I said stop it. Guys, yo, listen to me... I'm trying to wipe the floor."

In video footage of the drama obtained by TMZ.com, the singer then stormed offstage, ripping off his hoodie and microphone pack, as he snarled: "I'm done, I'm not doing the show."

The meltdown came a day after he walked off a radio show in Spain as the hosts attempted to shoot a YouTube skit with him.

At press time, Bieber hadn't returned to the stage in Oslo, even though the sold out crowd attempted to get him back by serenading him with his hit song Baby. 

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