Justin Bieber Splashes Cash on Entourage

Generous Biebs got shopping for his security team at American Apparel
Tuesday , 14 August 2012
Justin Bieber Splashes Cash on Entourage
Moneybags Biebs

Justin Bieber was feeling generous on a recent shopping trip and splashed out on new clothes for his security guards! The pop star was in American Apparel in Studio City, California, when he spent $200 (Dhs730) on some T-shirts for himself and his entourage.

Sales assistant Shelly, who couldn't believe her luck, told HollywoodLife.com that Justin was "cool and sweet", adding, "He was in and out quickly. He bought himself a couple of basic T-shirts and he even bought his bodyguard a couple of shirts. He spent around $200."

Biebs may have come across as a bit of a diva in recent news, but Shelley insisted that "It was a pleasure helping him and his security... He had a good personality and he was funny." Now we'd be really impressed if we saw one of Biebs' bodyguards driving around in a Fisker Karma like him. Just saying.