Justin Bieber Slammed for Dissing Prince William's Hair

Gaffe alert! Justin Bieber's comments on Wills' receding hairline haven't gone down too well
Tuesday , 07 August 2012
Justin Bieber Slammed for Dissing Prince William's Hair
Justin thinks Wills could do better

In a recent interview with Rollercoaster, Justin Bieber made some mean-sounding comments about Prince William's receding hair, asking, "I mean, there are things to prevent that nowadays, like Propecia. I don't know why he doesn't just get those products. Have you not got it over here?"

Now the singer, who has no problem growing hair, is being slammed for his comments. "The Brits are viewing Justin Bieber's diss about Prince William's challenging hair problem in the same way you view an annoying fly buzzing around you. He needs to be swatted away. Biebs had better watch out!" British author Jessica Callan warned.

Didn't anyone tell Biebs it's not OK to insult the Royals? He'd better issue an apology or he may lose British fans. Drama!