Justin Bieber Setting Up House!

11 Apr 2012
By Ahlanlive.com

All grown up now, Justin Bieber has a new pad in California and he actually negotiated for it

Calabasas, California’s got a new A-list resident! Now 18, Justin Bieber celebrated adulthood by splashing Dhs22million on a six-bedroom house. We love that Justin chose the neighbourhood, which is far less splashy than Beverly Hills, to get domestic. He’ll be farther away from the paparazzi, but close to other celebs who escaped to Calabasas like Britney Spears, Will and Jada Smith and the Kardashians.

We also love the fact that Biebs negotiated down the price of the house – even celebs want to save a little cash! Or in Biebs’ case, a few million. The mansion, located on a secluded hilltop and boasting two huge security gates, was originally listed at nearly Dhs37million. Savvy negotiating skills and choosing to move away from the many temptations of T’Town? Sounds like Biebs is all grown up!