Justin Bieber Reaches 25 Million Twitter Followers

Plus, director leaks a snap of Justin Bieber's next music video!
Monday , 16 July 2012
Justin Bieber Reaches 25 Million Twitter Followers
Twitter @anthonymandler

Beliebers have clearly been going crazy on Twitter, Justin Bieber has now broken the 25 million followers barrier on the site! To give you a bit of perspective, there are roughly two million people living in Dubai... so just imagine how many followers JB has!

Justin's clearly happy with the figure, and who wouldn't be!. "25 sitting on 25 mill #drakelyrics‬ ‪#motto," he tweeted. Congrats, Biebs! But he's still got about two million to go till he can beat Lady Gaga's 27 million followers!

In other Bieber news, his music video director Anthony Mandler revealed a snap from the set of his next video. He tweeted, "All I can say is that all 25 million of you are gonna loose your minds soon enough," followed by the photo you see here with the caption, "It's a story of love." Intriguing!