Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Perfume a Flop

21 Aug 2014

Cosmetic company blames fragrance for slump in profits

Not enough that Justin Bieber is having trouble with the authorities on a regular basis lately, including a conviction on a vandalism charge and charges for his drag car race in Miami, now the pop star has to face another blow – and this one smells!

Executives at cosmetics giant Elizabeth Arden are complaining about a plummet in sales and they are blaming Justin Bieber's perfume for it.
The company behind Bieber's perfume range for girls has suffered major losses over the past year, and now they are blaming the decline in sales of Bieber's scent range, including the scents Someday and The Key.

A statement from Elizabeth Arden explains, "The company had expected weaker sales comparisons due to the lower level of fragrance launch activity in fiscal 2014 versus fiscal 2013. (But) the decline in sales of celebrity fragrances, particularly the Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift fragrances, was steeper than anticipated."

Seems like fans are not taking the negativity surrounding Bieber lightly and don't feel like buying his fragrances in support – that stinks Justin huh?