Justin Bieber Only Has Eyes For Selena

It seems the love birds are blinded by lust after serious amounts of PDA
Tuesday , 25 October 2011
Justin Bieber Only Has Eyes For Selena
Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez at a recent NBA Finals Game

Teenage love
birds Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez forgot the paparazzi were in town when
they entered into some serious amounts of PDA. The couple were spotted enjoying
private time in a very public place – an NHL hockey game.

While JB and S
were busy enjoying each other’s company as the Winnipeg Jets took on the
Carolina Hurricanes in Winnipeg, Manitobe, Canada, on Saturday (22 October).
Clad in the winning team Winnipeg jerseys, 17-years-old Justin and 19-years-old
Selena were there to watch the game from a private VIP box but instead the
couple got so engrossed in each other that they forgot about the hockey and the
cameras it seems. 

for the cute couple they didn’t realise that the Bell Centre hockey stadium VIP
boxes are decked out in see-through glass, so their private display of
affection ended up being very, very public. Oops.