Justin Bieber hits Zero Gravity AGAIN

Justin Bieber hits Zero Gravity AGAIN

08 May 2017

One visit to Dubai's beach venue wasn't enough for the pop star

Singing sensation Justin Bieber stopped by the UAE for his Purpose world tour. Last night Biebs put on a performance at the Autism Rocks Arena in Dubai, singing all the faves for his adoring fans. 

Justin Bieber visited Zero Gravity Dubai twice!

Before hitting the stage Justin was spotted enjoying some much needed time off in Dubai. As well as playing a game of football with pals, Bieber visited glam hotspot Zero Gravity on Fri 5 May. The 23-year-old was spotted hanging out around the pool and chatting to fans.

Justin Bieber hits Zero Gravity AGAIN

After his performance on Sat evening, Bieber partied at White Dubai. Upon leaving he whipped off his shirt, obviously really feeling that UAE heat.

He was spotted lazing around in a giant inflatable golden swan

To finish his stay, Justin decided to pop back to Zero Gravity on Sun! The singer lazed on inflatables whilst drinking OJ and having a fun time in the glorious Dubai sunshine. Not a bad life, eh?