Justin Bieber Gets Grilled

His pearly whites are now pure gold
Sunday , 04 September 2011
Justin Bieber Gets Grilled
Justin felt on top of the world after getting his grill fitted and he took this picture on top of a mountain to prove it.

Celebrity grill maker Ben Baller was busy at work yesterday
when Sean Kingston asked the jeweller to make grills for Justin. You can relax,
apparently the grills are part of Justin’s Halloween costume. Phew, for a
second there we thought his pearly whites were being destroyed.

pair got fitted for the grills yesterday (3 September), and the process took
just minutes. According to reports Baller made a mold of Justin’s six teeth and
cast them in gold. Although Baller, who’s done work for Michael Jackson, Tom
Cruise and Drake, gave a stern warning to Beliebers if they tried to contact
him for a look-a-like grill: “I do NOT make permanent grills. I only do the
ones that are removable, so you can put them on and take them off within
seconds and they’re for fashion and fun. Relax – your little heartthrob is not
ruining anything.”