Justin Bieber Files Harassment Complaint Against Pap

Getting a speeding ticket has brought out Justin Bieber's serious side
Monday , 09 July 2012
Justin Bieber Files Harassment Complaint Against Pap
Biebs feels victimised

Justin Bieber has reportedly filed a harassment complaint against the photographer who the singer says chased him, causing him to get a speeding ticket.

According to TMZ, the cops also took the pap's statement and are now investigating him for harassment. Is this just Biebs trying to lay the blame on someone else or was he genuinely scared for his life?

One popular blogger has slammed Justin for his reckless driving. "We can't imagine how frustrating and scary it must be when you're being chased by so many photogs," Perez Hilton vented, "But that doesn't give ANYONE the excuse to drive that recklessly and put so many lives in danger!" Do you agree? Tell us what you think in our comments box below.