Justin Bieber Crowns Himself "Best Ladies' Man"

Not one for modesty, our Justin Bieber! He thinks he's topped the competition when it comes to charming girls
Justin Bieber Crowns Himself "Best Ladies' Man"
Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber says he would win an award for “best ladies’ man”. The 18-year-old believes he is unrivalled when it comes to impressing the girls.

“I would win an award for best ladies’ man,” he joked to BBC Radio 1.

The young pop star has received several accolades for his musical offerings, including four prizes at this year’s Teen Choice Awards.

However, the thrill of such events is already starting to wear off for the Baby singer. “It can get boring,” he confessed.

“People watching are at home during commercial breaks but we’re there! It’s fun though, I want to impress other stars when I’m performing there because I want them to say, ‘Oh he’s really talented.’”

Besides attending and performing at award shows, Justin spends much of his time touring and travelling the world.

During his time off, the star likes to relax at home. “I love lying around. I like to sleep, I’m a really good sleeper, I’m really talented,” he laughed.