Justin Bieber Arrested for Drag Racing

Justin Bieber Arrested for Drag Racing

23 Jan 2014
By Ahlanlive.com

The bad boy pop star resisted arrest

Justin Bieber's fast and furious behaviour has finally caught up with him and the teenager has been arrested for Driving Under The Influence and drag racing.

The Boyfriend artist, who has his own expensive collection of sports cars, was arrested on Thursday 23 January in Miami Beach, Florida after driving a rented Lamborghini, police sources told NBC 6 South Florida. He also resisted arrest non-violently by keeping his hands in his pocket and was 'incoherent' as he stood with his hands in his pockets.

According to police Justin reportedly failed a sobriety test at the scene of his DUI arrest, and was detained by cops in the early hours of the morning after allegedly taking part in a drag race as he friends blocked off a road in the area with their cars to allow him to race.

Cruise control: Justin posted an image of himself posing with his rented yellow Lambo

Police spokesman Bobby Hernandez confirmed the 19-year-old was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and drag racing after he failed the sobriety test, and the other driver, his friend Khalil, allegedly involved in the race was also arrested.

Police Chief Raymond Martinez told the Miami Herald newspaper: “Tests showed that Bieber was under the influence. He also did not have a valid license.”

Police sources also told the paper that Bieber had reportedly confessed to the offices on the scene that he had been taking prescription medication as he and his friend Khalil, who was driving the red Ferrari were questioned.

Bieber was taken to Miami Beach police station for further tests and processing. He is expected to be booked at Miami-Dade County jail later on today. Photographs of the star and female friend, model Chantel Jeffries, in the sports car appeared on the star's Instagram page shortly before his arrest.

Another image showed the singer and a pal posing in front of red and yellow Lamborghinis. The pictures have since been removed from the website, but the news comes after Justin was spotted in a number of places around town in recent days with his usual mischevious posse surrounding him.

Fast and Fantastic: Model Chantel Jeffries was with Bieber at some point in his car

Reacting swiftly to the news, Paddy Power, in London, have predicted what’s coming down the road for Justin with the bookmaker suggesting the teen tearaway is most likely to complete a stint in rehab this year. The bookmaker makes it 33/1 for young Bieber to star in the next Fast and Furious film and 66/1 should he take up life as an F1 driver before too long.

In good news for anyone living in the US there’s a skimpy 8/1 on offer for him to get deported, while there’s 4/1 on offer should his management feel the need for a tearful confession on Oprah, while it’s 14/1 for him to spend 28 days or more behind bars.

For anyone hoping he might get sent to Guantanamo the 250/1 won’t offer much comfort, however the 10/1 available for him to retire might be some way of consolation.

Dangerous driving: Biebs was enjoying himself with the model at the wheel

A Paddy Power spokesman said: “Do the right thing and throw away the key (to his car, of course).”

Bieber posted a photograph on Instagram after a visit to a skate shop in Miami and has been spending time with his friends. Meanwhile, Justin, who apparently spent $75,000 at a gentlemans club over the weekend, had his home in Calabasas, California, searched by police last week after he was accused of a vicious egg attack on his neighbour.

Detectives reportedly raided the 19-year-old star's mansion and one person was arrested on suspicion of possessing illegal substances. In July last year, similar paraphernalia was also seized from one of the singer’s tour buses although Justin was not on the bus at the time.

Paddy Power's Odds on Bieber's Next Move

3/1         Justin Bieber to confirm he has completed a rehab course in 2014

4/1         Justin Bieber to be interviewed by Oprah on drag racing in 2014

8/1         Justin Bieber to be deported from the US in 2014

6/1         Justin Bieber to complete a community service order in 2014

10/1       Justin Bieber's record company to confirm his permanent retirement from music this year

14/1       Justin Bieber to serve a jail time of more than 28 consecutive days this year

33/1       Justin Bieber to star in a Fast & Furious movie by the end of 2014

33/1       Justin Bieber to debut perform an album in a prison by the end of 2017

66/1       Justin Bieber to begin an F1 career before the age of 30

250/1     Justin Bieber to be sent to Guantanamo Bay prison