Justin Bieber and Jimmy Fallon are Back

Justin Bieber’s spoof film with Jimmy Fallon gets a second airing with hilarious outtakes – watch it here now

In June, the world had a chuckle watching the hilarious
spoof of Justin’s Someday perfume ad which starred himself and Jimmy Fallon
(host of NBC’s Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon) as the adult version of the
pint-size Baby star.

The commercial starts off the same as the original -
Justin breathlessly whispering “Someday we’ll be together. Someday, I’ll be
next to you…” - when suddenly a grown-up Justin (Fallon with the trademark
Bieber hair) barges in, whispering “Someday, you’ll look like this” blaming
metabolism, and going on to parody the ad to humorous effect.

If you missed, watch it here:

That was in June, fast forward to October 2011: a blooper
video of the Justin Beiber parody is now doing the rounds, which is even
funnier. Clearly, Bieber and Fallon suffered giggle fits throughout the
filming, and we reckon you will too watching this: