Justin Bieber’s Growing A Moustache

24 Nov 2011
By Ahlanlive.com

Is that a caterpillar on Justin Beiber's top lip... Oh no, it's just Movember

Justin Bieber doesn’t shy away from supporting a good cause, even if it means experimenting with those clean-cut good looks that have his young fans screaming whenever they spot him. The 17-year-old pop superstar is trying to grow his first moustache to be a part of Movember, an annual charity event which boosts awareness about prostate cancer throughout the month of November.

Movember sees men across the world seek sponsorship to grow facial hair and Justin is ready to join the club, even though the results aren’t exactly encouraging so far.

JB explained, "It's Movember, I'm growing it out. There's a little bit of facial hair, but mostly on the upper lip area. I still have a high voice. I won't shave it till the end of November, and then I'm gonna shave it and then it's gonna be all good. Then it's gonna take another year-and-a-half to grow back!"

Message received - he’s not all grown up. We got further proof of it when Bieber was left embarrassed after a performance on the Today show after forgetting the words to the famous Christmas track Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.

Justin was on the show to promote his new festive album and blanked out midway through the live performance. He’d obviously forgotten the lyrics and kept repeating the line He's making a list to fill the gaps.

But full marks to him for not stopping the show! The Baby singer continued with his performance coolly – now that’s what we call a star!