Justin and Dad get Matching Tattoos

Bieber get’s inked - again!
Thursday , 28 July 2011
Justin and Dad get Matching Tattoos
Bieber's bird tatt

What can only be described as an attempt at male bonding, Justin Bieber and his dad spent some quality time together in a tattoo parlour where they had matching artworks inked on their body.

The star was so excited about his new tattoo that he immediately uploaded an image of himself, on justinbiebershrine.com, proudly standing side-by-side with his dad showing off their work.

Yet, perhaps in an attempt to dissuade his fans from following in his footsteps the star also published pics of himself wincing in pain on a chair during the long and laborious procedure – a warning that it’s not all fun.

While the 17-year-old has kept a close relationship with his father, who left Bieber’s mother when he was young, leaving her to raise her son as a single mum, some sources believe that Jeremy is slightly irresponsible for encouraging the teen sensation to get inked.

However, this is thought to be Justin’s second tattoo. He already has a small bird on his hips.