Kate Bosworth

Junk Food Addicts

27 Oct 2010
By Ahlanlive.com

How the stars indulge their cravings for super-fattening foods, but still stay skinny!

Kate Bosworth
Known for her super-slim figure, sources have revealed that Kate indulges in her favourite naughty food – pizza – but ensures it’s a once-a-week treat, sticking to salads at all other times.

“Kate does indulge, and pizza is her fave,” spilled a pal. “But she’d never eat a whole one to herself. She’ll have two or three slices and make sure the rest of her plate is filled up with salad leaves.”

Angelina Jolie
Although her pin-thin frame suggests otherwise, Ange enjoys a high-fat diet that mirrors what her kids love to eat. Spotted at the McDonald’s drive-thru in Budapest last week, where she’s filming her directorial debut, the actress has admitted she can’t cook for her children individually, so the whole family gets the same food – her included! Having admitted to tucking into Hot Pockets – oven-baked pizzas – and ice cream during her pregnancy with the twins, Ange still snacks on high-carb lunches like grilled cheese paninis, with McDonald’s fries for dinner. But what keeps Ange’s figure at a constant size two are her stress levels, which burn up the calories she consumes – “Some days are exhausting,” says the mum-of-six. “But I am not able to collapse. I believe in pushing myself to the limit.”

Miley Cyrus
The 17-year-old Hannah Montana star has revealed of her eating habits, “I love junk food. I eat it pretty often.” And before she quit Twitter, late night Tweets like these – ‘Just ate bbq chicken, 8 cali rolls, a frosty and fries’ – were pretty common. But although Miley’s trying to wean herself off of her ice cream habit, she’s refusing to kick her McDonald’s addiction and has turned to the celeb fave 5-Factor Diet to blast her high-fat intake.

“She doesn’t need to lose weight; she just wants to look great,” spilled a pal. With the diet’s creator, Harley Pasternak, insisting 17 isn’t too young to try the regime, saying, “It’s a program that works for any age.”
All of which means, she won’t have to stop asking, “I’ve had McDonald’s four days in row! Should I break the routine?”

Jennifer Lopez
The singer and actress has relaxed her previously super-strict diet and exercise regime and now regularly indulges her cravings.

“I eat McDonald’s every now and again, and go through phases where I don’t exercise at all,” admits the 41-year-old mum-of-two. But the Wedding Planner star also maintains a balance – “I’ll work out with my trainer twice a week and eat more fish and steamed vegetables, but I’ll still eat carbs. I’ll often allow myself a nice treat, like a chocolate-chip cookie – I just won’t eat the whole packet.”

Kourtney Kardashian
“I am such a junk food eater,” admits the reality TV star. “Like sour cream and onion Lays potato chips or bagels. Every morning I’ve had a bagel with cream cheese.” Adding, “I just love laying in bed, eating junk food and not doing anything.” But the tiny Kardashian sister is also a workout fiend and will hit the gym six days a week in order to maintain her size four figure. “I go for two hours and then when I get home I go running too,” she admits.

AnnaLynne McCord
Admitting she’s “totally addicted to Taco Bell”, the 90210 star says she satisfies her junk food cravings “once or twice a week”, but for the rest of the time, she relies on the ‘grazing’ method of dieting to keep her naturally trim figure Hollywood-slim.

On her ‘good’ days, AnnaLynne claims to eat an egg sandwich or French toast for breakfast and then grazes on slices of fresh pepper throughout the day – opting for a low-fat turkey sandwich if she gets really hungry. Dinner is vegetable soup or grilled chicken and salad with no dressing.

But even when she’s tucking into her favourite cheeseburgers, the actress says she never eats more than she needs, after becoming a devotee of the Weigh Down Diet – “The author studied the habits of thin people and discovered that when they’re done eating, they wrap up their leftovers instead of just finishing what they were served,” said the 23-year-old. “When I feel full, I’m done.”

Tori Spelling
Citing McDonald’s and KFC as her fave fast food joints, Tori’s been chowing down on junk food – including huge helpings of pasta at lunch and dinner – in a bid to fill out her scrawny frame, with a friend revealing, “She likes her treats.” But the skinny reality TV star ensures she maintains a healthy balance, by taking her own calorie-controlled packed lunches of grilled fish and vegetables when visiting friends’ house for dinner.

And Tori also works out three times a week with a trainer, including a mix of cardio, yoga and kickboxing.