Juliette Lewis at the premiere of Conviction just hours before the hit and run accident

Juliette Lewis in hit and run

10 Oct 2010
By Ahlanlive.com

Star hospitalized after severe car crash

Juliette Lewiswas taken to hospital last week (October 6) after a severe hit and run accident in California left her “banged up”. The Natural Born Killers star was on her way home from the premiere of her new flick Conviction when she was hit side on by an unidentified driver in a Honda.

According to reports the car she was travelling in was “completely totally” and Juliette was lucky to have escaped. She "went to the hospital to be checked out and is a bit banged up and sore but otherwise thankfully OK,” said Juliette’s rep.

After a few hours at the medical centre, the actress was released and told to go home to bed. “She is now resting at home," continued her rep.

The driver of the other vehicle was not found but the car was discovered a few kilometers from the crash site. Police are investigating the incident.

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