Judge Orders Lindsay Lohan to Stop Working On App

Red-haired beauty in the midst of a legal battle concerning a fashion app idea
ByAriel Robinson Sunday , 02 November 2014
Judge Orders Lindsay Lohan to Stop Working On App
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Lindsay Lohan told to stop working on her app as she's in a middle of a legal battle

Lindsay Lohan has been told to hold her horses on her new fashion app while she's involved in a legal battle with a website developer.

The Mean Girls star was struck with a $60 million (Dhs220 million) lawsuit by Fima Potik, who claims Lohan and her brother Michael, Jr. worked with him on the idea for a celebrity fashion website called Spotted Friend, but stole the plan and created an identical mobile phone app called Vigme with a rival company.

Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Saliann Scarpulla issued a temporary restraining order on Friday which puts Lindsay and Michael on a halt. Their attorney Ravi Batra says "the order preserves the status quo until they can file court papers which will allegedly prove that Fima is an inept plagiarizer who fraudulently induced Lindsay, Mike and Chris to join him with false representations that he would have a product-recognizing app by June 2013 - an app he still hasn't created".

The siblings will be able to challenge the order at the next hearing, set to take place no later than 20 November.

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