Joss Stone sacks her mum!

09 Nov 2009

Singer fires her mum as manager and takes over her own affairs

Soul singer JOSS STONE has fired her mother as her manager - because she says she can do a better job herself.

The 23 year old is taking charge of her career after releasing her fourth album, Colour Me Free!, last month (Oct09) following a dispute with her record label EMI which caused a year-long delay.

Now she's handling her business affairs on her own after dismissing mum Wendy from her camp.

She explains, "I've had a few managers before but I'm doing it for myself now. I just thought it wasn't right. I am better at managing myself."

But the star insists the move has actually helped to heal the relationship she has with her mum, adding, "I wanted my mum to be my mum... not be dealing in business, talking about money and deals with me. I wanted to have her back to talk to me about love, boys and be her daughter again and she is fine with it. I missed our old relationship. I just said, 'I want you to be my mum again.' And she is.

"We're both in Devon, me in the old family house with friends, and we spend a lot of time together as mother and daughter. It makes me happier."