Josh and Fergie are already talking babies

Josh Duhamel and Fergie talk babies

03 Oct 2010

Josh says Fergie would “be a great mum”

Are Josh Duhameland Fergiehinting at something? Josh who stars as a father in his latest blockbuster Life As We Know It was gushing about becoming a parent at the red carpet premiere of the flick on Thursday (September 30). And he insists his wife Fergie would “be a great mum” too.

“For whatever reason — I don’t know if it is my mom or my dad, but I’ve always had a real fondness for kids,” Josh gushed on the red carpet. And Fergie? “She’ll be a great mom” too, he continued.

But it seems Josh isn’t the only one who thinks he’ll be a great parent. His co-star Katherine Heigl was there when her husband, Josh Kelley spilled his thoughts on the matter. “That guy is going to be an awesome dad. He’s one of the coolest guys I’ve ever met. I love him.”

So will Josh and Fergie be doting parents anytime soon? According to Josh it’s not too far around the corner and “would come naturally” as the next step in their relationship.

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