Jonas Brother deny fighting rumours

Trio say they’re all best buds
Monday , 14 December 2009
Jonas Brother deny fighting rumours

THE JONAS BROTHERS have boosted their clean-cut image - the trio of pop siblings insist they never fight.

The teen sensations are seen as perfect role models for young fans, and refuse to get sidetracked by the trappings of fame - most famously refusing to have sex before they get married.

And the stars - Nick, Kevin and Joe - are adamant they have never argued, preferring to discuss their problems with one another.

Nick Jonas says, "If there's something we disagree on, we'll have a conversation about it. But it's not an immature kind of, 'I'm right and I'm going to be stubborn about it'.

"We're open to each other's comments and we have a great respect for each other. And we never forget that we are a family with a common passion for music. That's what binds together."