Johnny Depp Gives First Interview since Divorce Drama

The actor talks for the first time after Amber Heard's allegations
ByLucile HelwaniWednesday , 29 June 2016
Johnny Depp Gives First Interview since Divorce Drama
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Back On Track: Johnny Depp gave his first interview since Amber’s accusations

Johnny Depp gave his first interview since news of his bitter divorce with ex-wife actress Amber Heard went public.  

The Pirates of the Caribbean star appeared on the Jonesy's Jukebox radio talk show, and it was pretty clear the actor wouldn’t talk about his personal problems with his estranged wife.

Instead, the 53-year-old talked about his recent European tour with Hollywood Vampires’ band which actually took place while Amber was filing for divorce and accused Johnny of physical and emotional abuse.

During the interview, Depp explained that his music career is something serious because he was already playing in a band as a teenager. He said: “I’ve been a musician since I was little. I started playing clubs when I was 13 in Miami.”

He also revealed that he became an actor by accident because he needed to pay his rent – he went to an audition, got the job and thought it was a “good way to pay the rent for a minute.”

Even if his divorce drama with Amber continues, the Dark Shadows actor plans to take the stage with his band during their US tour in July.

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