Johnny Depp finds his real match

02 Mar 2010

And lucky for him his off screen love is now the same on screen

Johnny Deppand Vanessa Paradishave just about done everything together, except act. But that’s all about to change seeing they have just signed on together for the new Blockbuster, The American Dream.

Depp who recently starred in Alice in Wonderland, which is due for release in the UAE tomorrow, is hanging up his funny face and getting set to act opposite his other half.

In the 12 years the couple has been together, they’ve never taken to acting in the same movie. Now they are not only in the same flick but they are starring opposite each other as lovers.

Deep gave us an insight into the roles. “Vanessa plays the French feminist Simone de Beauvoir and I play her lover Nelson Algren, who is real macho.” Oh la la.

Here’s hoping they’ll transform their off screen chemistry to on screen.

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