Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis' Family Feud!

14 Aug 2012

The couple are battling over wild child daughter Lily-Rose while Johnny Depp's relationship with Amber Heard crumbles

Since Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis rocked T’Town by announcing their split in June, the growing scandal has been the actor’s hot and heavy relationship with young starlet Amber Heard. But it looks like things are already over for him and Amber and he’s got even more family trouble brewing at home!

The Fight For Lily-Rose
Johnny and Vanessa’s daughter Lily-Rose is only 13, but she’s already going down the path of a T’Town wild child! The National Enquirer reported, “The Pirates of the Caribbean star, 49, wants to prevent the precocious teen from pursuing a Hollywood career... but singer/actress Vanessa, 39, doesn’t agree.”

An insider dished to the paper, “Johnny still thinks of Lily-Rose as the little seven-year-old that he almost lost to E. coli poisoning, and he’s deeply concerned that Vanessa is letting her run wild.” The source added, “He doesn’t want Lily-Rose, or her brother Jack, thinking about anything but school until they’re 18. But Vanessa is letting Lily-Rose explore her creative side by allowing her to wear funky outfits, and she’s schlepping her to acting auditions.” The two feuding parents are allegedly “having screaming matches” over their daughter and “it’s gotten ugly”.

Johnny is panicked that Lily-Rose “is going to grow up a lot faster and he doesn’t want to see her turn into the next Lindsay Lohan”. The source disclosed, “He’s so worried about Lily-Rose that he’s even turned to his good pals Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie for advice.” Pretty surprising considering those two don’t have a teen yet, and Angelina went through a major wild child phase herself! 

It’s All Over With Amber
Trouble at home and trouble in love for poor Johnny! The Daily Star Sunday reported that he has just been dumped by his The Rum Diary co-star Amber because she was sick of being labelled a homewrecker! A friend of Amber’s dished, “She couldn’t bear any longer being cast in the real-life role of the vixen who wrecked Johnny’s 14-year relationship.” The pal disclosed that Johnny introduced his son Jack, 10, and Lily-Rose to the starlet, “but it broke Amber’s heart to see the pain in those kids’ eyes”.

“In the end she just couldn’t take the pressure anymore and told Johnny it had been fun but for the sake of her sanity she was ending the affair. He was devastated but told her he understood,” said the source.  Johnny tried to assure her that it was all over with Vanessa when they met on set, but it sounds like Amber’s reputation is more important to her than the hunky star!