John Travolta Almost Quit Acting After Son's Death

John Travolta has spoken of the terrible effect losing his 16-year-old son Jett in 2009 had on him
John Travolta Almost Quit Acting After Son's Death
John Travolta

John Travolta considered retiring after his son died three years ago. The Hollywood star’s 16-year-old son Jett passed away after suffering a seizure while on holiday in the Bahamas in 2009. John turned his back on movies for a while as he and his wife Kelly Preston tried to come to terms with their grief.

“I lost my son a few years ago and I had been having quite a time of that and after three years getting a lot of support from my church and a lot of support from people, fans, family I decided that it was OK to go back to work because I'd even thought of retiring at one point because it felt like too much,” he told BBC Breakfast.

John is back with his movie Savages, which is about a drugs cartel. Although he is pleased to be on the big screen again, the 58-year-old star doesn’t like all aspects of his job.

He finds being in the public eye hard, especially as there is so much interest in celebrities at the moment.

John was horrified when topless images of Kate Middleton, Britain’s Duchess of Cambridge were published by several magazines, using that as an example of how fame has changed over the years.

“There is a right to privacy whether you're famous or not famous and I feel that anyone being invaded at that level is unfortunate and there should be a law, no one would like that,” he said.

“It’s probably the worst time to be famous in the history of fame because of the internet and the level of invasion of privacy is so extraordinarily high. It’s never been easy, but this kind of thing is an example.”