John Stamos is coming back to season two of Netflix's thriller 'YOU'

25 Jun 2019

You know, the cute psychologist in the series...

John Stamos will be coming back to his role as Dr. Nicky in the second season of hit TV series YOU.

The 55-year-old actor played the psychologist opposite Penn Badgley and Elizabeth Lail in the first series of the programme, and was last seen being carted off by police after Penn's Joe framed him for the murders of Elizabeth's character Beck, as well as Beck's friend Peach Salinger and Beck's ex-boyfriend Benji.

It was unknown if John would be back for the upcoming return of the show, but the screen star delighted fans as he confirmed his comeback while visiting a private art exhibit opening on Saturday (22Jun19).

After Entertainment Tonight (ET) journalist Nancy O'Dell questioned John as to why he had so many temporary tattoos on his arms, the actor replied: "This is from... I'm on the show, You, on Netflix and I play the psychiatrist. In the season before, I went to jail, so these are the jailhouse tattoos."