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John Meyer Encourages Exes to Vent Through Song

04 Jun 2014

Katy Perry hints he might be the target of her next lyrical hit

Singer John Mayer, whose string of lyrically-gifted ex-girlfriends include Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Jessica Simpson, isn’t worried about them using their music to get their back at him. In fact, he positively encourages it!

Katy Perry recently revealed she was penning a tune about their doomed, tabloid-friendly romance that will be featured on her next album but the Daughters hit-maker laughed it off.

John is of course no stranger to high-profile break-ups. Taylor Swift reported wrote her 2010 song Dear John about their failed relationship and now he's bracing for the Roar star's lyrics after she told the upcoming July issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, "There's no bad blood, but I'm sure there will be inspired songs."

When asked what he thinks about Perry's song-writing plans, 36 year-old Mayer insisted he wasn’t afraid for the world to hear what she has to say about him, quipping "I have super strength for gang-ups, I'm fine. That's what you’re supposed to do, man, you're supposed to write songs. You're just not supposed to tell everybody you’re doing it."