Is John Mayer Trying to Get Back with Katy Perry?

John Mayer is reportedly trying to rekindle a romance with Katy Perry after breaking her heart
Is John Mayer Trying to Get Back with Katy Perry?
John Mayer

John Mayer is reportedly willing to “treat Katy Perry better” if she considers going out with him again. John has a reputation as a Hollywood heartbreaker after dating a string of stars including Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift and Jessica Simpson.

It is said that his short-lived romance with the Teenage Dream crooner has ended on bad terms. John is rumoured to want to reconcile with Katy.

“John plans to treat Katy better if she’ll give him a chance,” a source told the American edition of OK! magazine.

“John’s not in the best place at the moment. He really thought he was a good match for Katy. So I’m sure John feels regret that he’s blown it with her.”

John suffered from a granuloma, a growth on his tonsils, late last year and early this year and had to cancel a string of performances as a result.

His health dilemma put things in perspective for the formerly bigheaded star.

“He really got scared and it kind of helped him grow up,” the source explained.

“I’ve seen that. He’s become empathetic rather than narcissistic and that’s what a girl like Katy needs, especially coming off of [her divorce from Russell Brand].”

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