John Cena stuns rapping superfan during US TV debut

John Cena stuns rapping superfan during US TV debut

10 Nov 2019

This is SO cute!

Wrestler-turned-movie star John Cena left a young South African rapper stunned and shrieking by surprising her as she performed a tribute to the hunk on US TV.

Sho Madjozi's track, John Cena, has become a viral hit, earning the young star a spot on singer Kelly Clarkson's new TV chat show, but the hip-hop hopeful had no idea the man who inspired the tune would be standing behind her as she performed it. The magic moment was taped earlier this week  and aired on The Kelly Clarkson Show on Friday.

Before her big surprise, Sho revealed she grew up watching Cena wrestle in rural South Africa on the one TV in her village, and pretended to be the big guy while playing make believe with her friends.

She was thrilled when a photo of herself appeared on Cena's Instagram account but there was no message, so she still had no idea what her hero thought about her song.
But then, during her performance, John crept up behind her, prompting the rapper to halt her song and leap about the studio screaming, before jumping into Cena's arms.
The Trainwreck star admitted he was a big fan of the track, inspired by a bad break-up.

"People are finding inspiration in the song," he said. "Her song is essentially about heartbreak, but it's really cool because it's a high-energy song and you can take something negative in your life and express it creatively and you've literally reached an audience around the world.

"You forget the impact that you have on people... Something like that kinda makes me half-cool again, which is the best thing ever. I'm so very excited to know that essentially what I did had an impact on people around the world."

The track has also inspired a viral dance challenge, which Cena finds hilarious, because "I can't dance!"

Sho went on to tell her hero that she would have chosen the name John Cena as her rap handle if he didn't already have the moniker, prompting the wrestler and actor to state, "If you wanna borrow it, it's got legs."