Joel with girlfriend Nicole and their daughter Harlow Winter

Joel's Air Rage

09 Oct 2008

Nicole's beau's mid-air brawl with snap-happy passengers

Rocker JOEL MADDEN recently launched into a mid-air brawl with a fellow jet passenger who tried to take photographs of his girlfriend NICOLE RICHIE and baby daughter HARLOW while they were asleep.

The Good Charlotte star turned protective and scared the intrusive stranger off when he felt his family's privacy was being invaded.

He says: "There was this guy and his two teenage daughters wanted to take pictures of her. I was like, 'Hey, she's asleep now. Maybe when we get off the plane, you guys can take a picture.'

"The guy just stood up, turned around and started taking pictures of her, and I kind of got into it with him. I was like, 'I can't believe you're arguing with me. This is my newborn daughter and my girlfriend.'"