Joe Jonas Reveals Kevin Jonas has Discouraged him from a Serious Relationship

The DNCE singer is still recovering from his split from super model Gigi Hadid
ByMegan Chotrani Sunday , 07 August 2016
Joe Jonas Reveals Kevin Jonas has Discouraged him from a Serious Relationship
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It's going to take a while for Joe to move on from Gigi

Joe Jonas recently stated that he’s only casually dating, and isn’t looking for a serious relationship. The former Jonas Brother has famously dated Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato and the most recently, Gigi Hadid, who broke up with him to date Zayn Malik. Ouch!

Joe also shockingly said that Kevin Jonas, his elder brother who is expecting his second daughter, has put him off his hunt for a lasting relationship.

“I just watch my brother and the bags under his eyes for the last year – him and his wife – and I’m like, ‘You know what? I don’t think I’m there yet,’” Fret not ladies, he’ll settle down, just not right now.

The popstar explains his current priorities: “I’m really trying to focus on myself and the music. Overall, I’m doing me right now and I think that’s important. We’re releasing an album in October. Usually you have, like, a few months to crank out an album, and we had this year to evolve as band and really create something that we’re really proud of.”

Awh Joe! While we’re happy the albums coming out soon, it’s clear the singer is still trying to mend his heart, and we know we’d definitely like to help out with that! Joe, how about some Cake By the Ocean? (Sorry we had to).


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