Joe Jackson’s Business Quests

From fragrances to an adventure park...what's next?
Wednesday , 23 February 2011
Joe Jackson’s Business Quests
Joe Jackson

Why? Will someone please stop giving energy drinks to Joe Jackson, this man is relentless. Not only is businessman Joe already making a scent in honour of his late son Michael, it seems he’s now determined to keep the young-hearted spirit of the singer alive by buying an adventure park.

Joe has invested Dhs7.3million on entertainment complex Happyland in, wait for it, Vietnam! Yep, just as The King Of Pop thought his Neverland Ranch could take on Disneyland, the 82-year-old’s hoping his cultural project will topple the success of both Universal Studios and Disneyland. Really? Come on now Joe, Maybe it’s time to Beat It and Moonwalk off...

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