Jo Bros' major flop

“Hello, my name’s Gemma and I’m a Disney-holic…”
Thursday , 11 February 2010

I imagine these will be the first eight words I utter if ever my predilection for Disney TV shows aimed a demographic that’s one (possibly two) generations after me, starts getting out of hand.

I mean, let’s go for full disclosure here, if I’m flicking through the channels and I see that Hannah Montana in on, well, does it hurt to get a little bit of Miley of an evening? Same goes for Wizards Of Waverly Place, the show about teen wizards coming to terms with their powers that’s a star vehicle for the unbelievably adorable and I-wish-I-could-go-back-in-a-time-machine-and-be-her Selena Gomez. And finally, ditto for bestie-of-Miley, Demi Lovato’s cute as a button lil’ comedy – Sonny With A Chance, that’s like 30 Rock for tweens.
(N.B: The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody I can genuinely do without, no matter how many cameos from Ashley Tisdale they squeeze in.)

But after a recent viewing of the bottom-clenchingly embarrassing TV show offering from that trio of purity ring-wearers the Jonas Brothers, called, rather refreshingly, Jonas, I could be about ready to go cold turkey on the Disney Channel front.

Having watched these three put in performances so wooden, that when Kevin entered a scene I thought someone had lobbed a chair into the room; and sat through a sub-sub-sub-sub (I could go on with the subs here)-par Monkees song about how much they fancied the pizza delivery girl whilst running around atop a giant pizza (and the graphics were obviously Avatar-worthy), I’m almost positive that my brain tried to self-perform a full frontal lobotomy before it had to endure Joe squeezing out some faux slapstick that would have made Benny Hill go ‘C’mon guys, now this is just silly!’

And Kevin. You’re a married man. Don’t you think it’s time to let it go?