JLo and Marc’s Stunt Doubles

The estranged couples attempts to gain publicity exposed
Monday , 19 September 2011
Will Smith and Marc Anthony
Will Smith and Marc Anthony
Jennifer Lopez and Bradley Cooper
Jennifer Lopez and Bradley Cooper

When Jennifer Lopez was photographed on a dinner date with Bradley Cooper last week it prompted rumours of a new romance, yet sources have alleged the ‘date’ was set up by the singer in an attempt to gain publicity.

A source spilled, “When Bradley Cooper agreed to have a business dinner with Jennifer Lopez at Per Se – a ‘low key’ restaurant in New York known for its wealthy customers’ discretion – he just assumed it’d be a friendly chat about a potential project that wouldn’t be leaked to TMZ as a romantic get-together to get her face in the press. What he should’ve known is that Jennifer pulled the same stunt on Ralph Fiennes.”

While filming Maid In Manhattan, in 2002, JLo invited Ralph for a casual dinner, yet pictures of the pair were splashed all over the New York Post the very next day. Believing he’d been set up for publicity, Ralph said, “I had dinner with her and her producer and her manager who’s in the background of the shot as well. That didn’t upset me because it was just so not true and so badly set up.”

Sources are speculating that JLo staged the shoots, suggesting it’s no coincidence both set ups have occurred when her personal life has started to threaten her career.

“It was a business dinner that’s all,” said a media insider about her date with Bradley. “They went to Per Se, and the next thing you know it’s in the papers. No one who eats in that restaurant is calling in tips to gossip sites. Most of the people that go there are so rich they wouldn’t care less about actors.”

Meanwhile, JLo’s estranged hubby, Marc Anthony, has been involved in his own publicity stunt. In a desperate move to clear his name as an adulterer – the demise of his marriage was put down to an alleged affair with Jada Pinkett Smith – he’s been pictured hugging Will Smith at a football game.

A source said, “Will and Marc appear keen to show they’re not fighting over the same woman.”

Adding, “They hammed it up for the cameras, throwing their arms around each other, making peace signs and smiling.”