JLaw and Chris Martin Split Because of Gwyneth

The two star have reportedly broken things off because of the singer's ex
ByAoife Stuart-MadgeThursday , 06 November 2014
JLaw and Chris Martin Split Because of Gwyneth
“JLaw was tired of watching Chris play happy families with Gwyn"

Jennifer Lawrence has called time on her four-month relationship with Coldplay singer Chris Martin amid claims that the actress was jealous of his close relationship with his ex-wife, Gwyneth Paltrow. Chris and Gwyneth – who “consciously uncoupled” in March after 10 years of marriage – have remained close friends since their split for the sake of their two children, Apple, 10, and eight-year-old Moses. But it seems 24-year-old JLaw prefers her men without excess baggage and has abruptly ended her time with the 37-year-old singer. 

JLaw supposed to be a Secret
News of the split comes days after Chris and Gwyneth were spotted looking cosy at a family dinner together, with the Iron Man actress affectionately stroking her estranged husband’s cheek and ruffling his hair. Chris publicly playing happy families with his ex is said to have irked Jen even more because Chris had insisted on keeping his fledgling romance with her under wraps. During their four-month courtship, the couple were never seen together in public, and the only photographs of them in the same vicinity were taken of them backstage at a Coldplay gig, where Chris was snapped standing at a safe distance, several metres behind the Oscar-winning actress. But behind the scenes, the romance was said to have intensified to the point where Jen was about to move in to Chris’ Malibu mansion – where she’d reportedly spent many nights. 

Gwyn’s contact with Chris drove JLaw away

Is Falchuk her new flame?

Gwyneth’s Game Plan
The Ghost Stories singer’s attachment to his famous wife has seemingly put paid to those plans, as JLaw was said to be unhappy to play second fiddle. “Jen is the one who broke it off”, a source confirmed, while another insider spilled: “She was tired of watching Chris play happy families with Gwyn and was annoyed that he was trying to keep her hidden away.” The timing of the split is also conspicuous as it follows claims that Gwyneth, 42, has been flaunting her romance with American Horror Story producer Brad Falchuk, 43, in Hollywood circles, with some reports suggesting that it’s part of her plan to make her estranged hubby jealous. “[Brad and Gwyneth] go to private Hollywood parties together”, an insider said, adding that they are “openly dating but behind closed doors.” 

JLaw’s dad is the main man in her life for now

Jennifer’s Special Man
Meanwhile, Jen, who split from on-off boyfriend Nicholas Hoult earlier this year, has turned to another special man for comfort in the wake of the break-up – her father. When news of the split broke last week, a serious-looking Jen was snapped having dinner with her dad, Gary, in LA. The newly single Hunger Games star recently spilled about her ideal man in an interview with Vanity Fair, saying it would be someone who “isn’t afraid to fart in front of me.” She added: “What I’m saying is all I need in a relationship is somebody to watch TV with me.” We’re sure she won’t be short of offers. 

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