Tamara Mellon in Jimmy Choo heels with bag is set to be walking away from the brand as a stake holder

Jimmy Choo Up For Sale?

12 Aug 2010
By Ahlanlive.com

The shoes are out of the bag says Shannon Wylie as word hits that Tamara Mellon is walking out on Jimmy Choo!

Rumours are flying high about Tamara Mellon closing in on the sale of Jimmy Choo. The designer and socialite who has an 18 percent share hold in the famous shoe company is said to be looking to give away her final stake.

So who’s going to be the lucky bidder? Considering she sold the first 82 percent of Jimmy Choo the brand in 2007 to TowerBrook Capital Partners who took on the challenge to turn the brand into a £1bn (Dhs5.5 billion) business there’s a good chance they’ll swipe the last little bit of business. Plus they said it would take five years. And with just two years left to the promise we’re left wondering why Tamara would be bowing out before the deal is done...Well if she does she’ll be laughing all the way to the bank with oh something in the ball park of £450m (Dhs2.5 billion) and £500m (Dhs2.8 billion) according to Fashionologie.com. Not bad if you think about it.

Considering Tamara took on the brand with Jimmy Choo in 1996 after her father signed the business deal with Jimmy Choo himself for a share in the ever expanding business she hasn't done too badly. In a recent interview with Jimmy Choo during his visit to Dubai he told me that “Tom Yeardye was in business with me, not Tamara. She was just the looks behind the brand I guess. We were in business together for ten years. Tommy, Tamara’s father used to be behind Vidal Sassoon.” This is how Jimmy describes his vested years in what people today now know as Jimmy Choo. When Yeardye sadly died of a brain aneurysm it was Tamara who took over the business.

So what will become of the twice handled Jimmy Choo franchise? Let’s hope the impressive signature designs of both bags and shoes remain on par. I for one couldn’t fathom having to find another shoe/bag designer that I love loyally from season to season. Or better yet, let’s just hope it’s all a case of bad Choo telling. A girl can dream!