Jhinga Chap

30 Nov 2011
By Ahlanlive.com

Sample prawns with an Indian twist in this recipe from Asha's

1kg fresh prawns
600g Panko breadcrumbs
150g coriander (chopped)
300g ginger
150ml lemon juice
40g chillli powder
30g salt
100g onion
20g garlic

Serves: 4

1. Remove the shell of the prawn and keep the tail, butterfly the prawn remove the vein and clean in cold running water.
2. Make a fine paste of onion and ginger. Add chili powder, salt, lemon juice and chopped coriander.
3. Marinate the prawns in the mixture for half hour or overnight.
4. Crumb the prawns and deep fry until golden brown.
5. Remove from fryer, drain any oil, and put on kitchen paper for 3-4minutes to remove any excess oil.
6. Cut the prawn from the tail slant and stack on clean plate with mint chutney drizzled with chilli oil and lemon wedge. Garnish with coriander leaf.

INFO: This recipe was provided courtesy of Asha’s restaurant in WAFI, Dubai.