Jessie J Says Australia Hates Her

The singer is a little paranoid
Monday , 16 November 2015
Jessie J Says Australia Hates Her
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The Hated: Jessie J isn't liked

Jessie J thinks Australians hate her.

The Price Tag hitmaker made the bizarre remark when she performed an intimate gig in the country, put on by Microsoft, on Thursday.

She said: "I'm very aware that there is a lot of people in Australia that don't like me and that's OK. [But] it was really fun and yet awkward."

Whilst the 27-year-old singer insisted she was joking, she went on to claim that the crowd "hated" her ever since she became a judge on the Australian version of The Voice.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, she told the audience: "So I know that not everyone in this room is going to admit that they've ever needed this song or this moment right now. Maybe you'll start crying and you didn't even know you needed to cry.

"Or you'll cry because you hate me and you hate my voice and you wish it was over because someone made you come with them because they didn't want to go by themselves. I know. You hated me on The Voice and now your girlfriend's got you here and you hate me now. It's just awful. You want it to be over."

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