Jessica Simpson wants to fire parents over rehab threats

Her parents are concerned after car-crash TV appearance
ByAndre NevelingWednesday , 14 October 2015
Jessica Simpson wants to fire parents over rehab threats
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Jessica Simpson has always been close to her family and has worked closely with her parents, who are on her management team. But things have turned sour between Jess and her parents after they pleaded for her to go to rehab.

Things reached boiling point last month when Jess appeared “out of it” on America’s Home Shopping Network. During the two-hour live TV show, viewers said Jessica behaved erratically and seemed unsteady next to the show’s host, Colleen Lopez. “I wish I could send out one of those flash flood warnings to tell everyone to tune into HSN and watch this train wreck,” one Twitter user commented.

So it’s no surprise parents Joe and Tina Simpson are concerned. “They are scared to death that Jessica has a problem and fear she’s going to crash and burn,” an insider told Life & Style Weekly. But Jess is having none of it, and refuses to admit she has a problem. In fact, she has allegedly threatened to fire her parents from her management team after they reportedly brought up the idea of rehab. “She told Joe and Tina that they can shut up or get off her payroll,” a source adds. “She’s angry that they made such a big deal about her HSN appearance, and now they’re barely speaking.”

Her parents aren’t the only ones concerned. Insiders say that hubby Eric Johnson has threatened to take their children, three-year-old Maxwell and two-year-old Ace, away if she doesn’t sort herself out. “Things reached a climax in early May when Eric told Jess he has had enough and issued his ultimatum,” a source said last month. “He is worried sick that Jess’ conduct is going to start affecting their two children and that their oldest is starting to realise there’s something wrong with mommy.”

If that’s not bad enough, there are also concerns that her plans for a musical comeback could damage her billion-dollar clothing and accessories empire. Jess, who hasn’t released any music since 2010, announced she's planning to release a new album and may even go on tour. But because the former reality star is now the face of the Jessica Simpson Collection, her business managers are worried that if the album is a flop, her successful lifestyle business could be negatively impacted.  

Perhaps Jess should worry about her personal well-being first before taking on more work. 

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