Jessica Simpson in Kuwait

She is boosting the morale of US troops with her own tour of duty
Tuesday , 11 March 2008
Jessica Simpson in Kuwait

Singer/actress JESSICA SIMPSON is "having a blast" performing for US troops stationed in Kuwait. The Irresistible star has joined pop group the Pussycat Dolls in the war-torn country to entertain soldiers as they await deployment to Iraq.

The 27-year-old's upcoming film Major Movie Star follows the adventures of a spoiled actress, played by Simpson, who accidentally enlists in the American armed forces. And Simpson has decided to screen the unfinished movie to the troops.

She says, "It's actually in production right now, but once I found out I was going to come out here to Kuwait, I wanted the soldiers to be the very first to screen Major Movie Star.

"I haven't even seen it yet, so they got to see it before me. The special effects and all that kind of stuff's not in it (yet), but I wanted them to be the first to enjoy it and watch me make a fool out of myself trying to do boot camp."

Jessica has, however, denied reports she flew out to Kuwait on a private jet, and is staying in luxury accommodation.

The star's representative, Cindi Berger, has denied reports that claim Simpson is living a life of luxury, complete with a hairstylist and large entourage, during her morale-boosting visit.

Berger tells website, "She flew commercially, she is staying in the barracks. She's been with the troops all day. She's had her meals with them... She has significantly scaled back her entourage."